Tourist Attractions in Batam

8 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Batam

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Tourist Attractions in Batam ♦ Even though it is famous as an industrial city, Batam also offers interesting tourist destinations to visit with family while on vacation. Tourist attractions in Batam are always crowded with local and foreign tourists. Because here there are many workers who certainly need entertainment on weekends.

Batam is one of the regions of the Riau archipelago and is the largest city on the island of Sumatra. Directly adjacent to the territory of Singapore, Batam is the gateway island of Singapore. If you visit Batam, please visit the tourist attractions.

This time, nada313 will summarize it, so you don’t need to be confused about finding the most popular tourist attractions in Batam.

1. Ocarina Batam

Mega tour Ocarina Batam is a place that has become the pride and mainstay of Batam tourism since it was inaugurated in 2009. Mega tour Ocarina is always crowded on weekends and school holidays. Not only to play on the various rides that exist, often visitors who come also just to relax and enjoy the scenery on the beach.

Moreover, the beach area is also a white sandy beach. occupying a total area of ​​40 hectares, the ocarina area has not yet been fully developed. The development continues in stages to make Ocarina truly a mainstay of Mega Tourism not only in Batam but in Indonesia.

Even so, Ocarina already has many recreational rides that can be enjoyed by all visitors. For its location, this tourist spot is in Sedayu, Bengkong District, Batam city, Riau Islands. The entry ticket price is offered at IDR 25,000 and you get a meal coupon.

2. Viovio Beach

The name sounds very unique, Viovio beach is one of the new tourist destinations on the island of Batam which is located on Galang Island, this beach is actually still managed by the local government. However, even though only the tourists who visit are very crowded. Especially when the holidays arrive of course you will see a lot of tourists in this place.

By displaying the charm of the exotic beach, this viovio beach can become one of the long vacation tourist destinations. If you want to get a sense of calm and a gentle sea breeze on Batam Island, Viovio beach is highly recommended to be included in your vacation list.

For the location of this beach, it is in Sijantung Village, Galang District, Batam City, Riau Islands. Meanwhile, the entrance ticket price is IDR 10,000.

3. Ranoh Island 

This charming island in Batam must be a tourist destination when visiting Batam. The view of the beach on this island is not inferior to the beaches in Bali. With the beauty of the sand combined with the clear seawater, this tourist attraction will provide views that can make you amazed.

In addition to the beauty of the sand, this island also stores various types of coral reefs that you can trace under the sea. Fish with various colors will also accompany your stopover in every corner of the coral reef.

Ranoh Island has beach sand that rises on its surface, thus forming a small peninsula to the deep sea with clear and calm seawater. For its location, this island is in Galang Baru, Pulau Abang District, Batam City, Riau Islands.

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There are two packages offered to get here, the first package is IDR 600,000 per person, a round-trip ferry ticket for snorkeling, a banana boat and lunch, and one young coconut. As for the second package, IDR 500,000 per person, a round-trip ferry ticket for lunch, and one young coconut.

4. Botanical Garden Batam

Botanical Garden is a form of nature conservation as well as a place for recreation. Its location is ideal for tourists to visit because it is close to several resorts and ports. This destination has thousands of collections of biodiversity with the theme of plant conservation in the small islands of Indonesia.

Inaugurated last December 2018, the number of plant collections in this park is increasingly diverse. This tourist attraction is predicted to compete with Singapore’s Botanic Garden. Batam Botanical Gardens has various facilities available, including; management office, gate, asphalt road, tembung, nursery, and greenhouse. Artificial lakes, water ponds, and gazebos also complete this park.

5. Waterpark Top 100

Occupying an area of ​​1.5 hectares, Waterpark’s top 100 Batuaji is the most complete water park in Batam. The various kinds of swimming pools and attractions available are guaranteed to make you feel at home. Enjoy a Sunny Day cruising down a stream pool on a swim tube or challenge your adrenaline by trying a super bolt ride that will take you down a giant sunken container at high speed.

This tourist attraction is located in the top 100 Mall area, interestingly the area around this Waterpark has beautiful views, namely in the form of hills that are still green. The ticket price offered is IDR 35,000 for weekdays and IDR 55,000 for weekend

6. Dino’s Gate

This tourist vehicle has been open since last December 2019, and is the right place for a vacation with family, especially for children as well as for education. The scenery in this vehicle is very beautiful because of the combination of thick natural elements served in this vehicle. suitable to be enjoyed with family.

This vehicle has its own charm for Batam residents because diarrhea contains various types of dinosaurs that can hypnotize visitors, especially children. The location of this tourist spot is in Bengkong Sea, Golkar City, Batam City, Riau Islands. Meanwhile, the entry ticket price is relatively affordable, which is IDR 50,000 for one visitor.

7. Kepri Coral 

Which is a new attraction in Batam with very beautiful white sand and views of the underwater world. The beauty of this beach is very enchanting. Seeing the underwater world aquarium is the main thing offered to replace Kepri Coral Batam.

Kepri Coral clearly deserves to be the best tourist destination in Batam. You can enjoy the underwater scenery of Riau Islands Coral Batam without having to swim in the aquarium. To be able to see fish and coral reefs outside the aquarium, of course, tourist destinations like this are still foreign in Batam City. Because Riau Islands Coral is the first to be developed in Batam.

For its location, it is located on a small island called Pulau Pengalap. The entrance ticket is divided into three. The first package is the Wardah trip for IDR 650,000 per person and the second package is the 2 day 1-night stay package for IDR 1250000. The third package is the 3 day 2-night stay package for IDR 2,250,000.

8. Sky Cliff

This new tourist destination is located in Sekupang, Batam City, Riau Islands Province, which is now a hot topic for millennials in Batam City. Sky cliffs can be an attractive alternative to choose from, especially for selfie creators and connoisseurs of beautiful natural scenery.

This sky cliff is interesting because it presents the complete hills and nature of Batam from a different point of view. In addition, a unique photo such as a video of the sky becomes the main attraction for the audience. To get to this location you have to pass several stairs to get to the top.

However, the fatigue after reaching the top will be paid off after we arrive at the peak because the view of the sky cliffs is so charming. From the sky side, we can also enjoy the beauty of the sun at sunset in the afternoon. The price of the entrance ticket, Yes, there will be an entrance fee of IDR 10,000.

Thus the 10 most popular tourist attractions in Batam. Hope it is useful!

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