Tourist Attractions in Pekanbaru
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10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Pekanbaru Riau

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Tourist Attractions in Pekanbaru ♦ The following is a list of the most popular tourist attractions in Pekanbaru, ranging from artificial tourism to natural tourism available here for local and foreign tourists.

Pekanbaru is one of the regions of Indonesia that has interesting tourist destinations to visit with family. The capital city of Riau has pretty good tourism potential seeing the many tourists who come.

There are many choices of tourist attractions that you can visit with your family while on vacation. will summarize it so that your trip will be easier.

10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Pekanbaru Riau

1. Great Mosque of An-Nur Great Mosque of An-Nur

Is a mosque located in the city of Pekanbaru. This mosque is one of the grandest mosques in Indonesia.

Judging from the architectural style, this mosque is influenced by Malay, Turkish, Arabic, and Indian architectural styles.

If you are visiting Pekanbaru city, don’t forget to stop by this mosque because it is located in the middle of the city

2. Kasang Kulim Zoo

The Kasang Kulim Zoo is suitable to visit with family while on vacation. Because it also provides several rides that can be enjoyed.

In addition, visitors can also ride elephants by only paying a ticket of IDR 10,000 for 10 minutes.

The price for admission to the zoo is IDR 20,000 for adults and IDR 10,000 for children.

3. Jalan Alam Mayang

This nature tour is located quite close to the city center, it’s only about 8 KM. Here you can enjoy rides such as a banana boat, flying fox, water bike, Safari train, and many others.

The location is in the village of Tenkerang, Tenayan Raya, Pekanbaru.

4. Asia Heritage

This tourist destination has a unique and interesting concept. Because you can feel the sensation of being in 4 countries in one place, namely Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and China.

The location of Asia heritage is not far from the city center, only about 14 km with a travel time of about 25 minutes.

There are many historical buildings from these 4 countries that you can use for photo spots. The entry ticket is quite cheap at IDR 30,000 per person.

5. Asia Farm Hayday

This tourist destination is inspired by the mobile game Hay Day. Visitors who come are surprised when they set foot here because they feel they are abroad.

Asia Farm carries the concept of a blend of European and Japanese buildings. This tourist destination is always crowded with tourists.

The location of Asia Hay Day is on Hangtuah Street, Badang at the end of the Tenayan Raya sub-district. The ticket price to enter is quite cheap, which is IDR 25,000.

6. Bombara Waterpark

Boombara waterpark is an exciting water recreation park with a large pool and many waterslides as well as playgrounds suitable for children.

The location is on the white sand highway, the new village of Siak Hulu district, Kampar Riau district. There are two kinds of entrance tickets, for holidays, Rp. 40,000 and for big days, Rp. 55,000. while for children with a height of under 1 meter free.

7. Rainbow Hill 

Rainbow Hill offers beautiful views of valleys and small hills in shades of dark brown, orange, yellow to pink.

No wonder this place is starting to get busy as a tourist attraction in the city of Pekanbaru. The location is not far from the city of Pekanbaru and can be reached in about 45 minutes.

The location itself is in the tassel of Pekanbaru Riau. But unfortunately, many of the tourists do not know about this tourist location.

8. Soeman HS Library

This library is one of the libraries to store the National Archives whose status is used as a provincial library. And please note that the Soeman HS library is the largest library in Indonesia.

Offering a unique building, this library is used as one of the tourist destinations in Pekanbaru. Its location in the center of the city makes this place easy to reach.

9. Bono – Kampar River

Bono is a wave or waves that occur at the mouth of the Kampar River, Pelalawan district, Riau province. The high waves can be used as a place for surfing.

So not infrequently there are foreign tourists who visit this place to feel the sensation of surfing on the Kampar river. If you are lucky you can see the typical dolphin of the Kampar river.

10. Stone Wall Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the hidden waterfalls in Pekanbaru City. Its location in the middle of a tropical rain forest makes visitors hypnotized by the natural scenery around it.

Called rock wall waterfall because of the water that flows on the rock wall. The location is quite far from the city center. Can be reached by traveling for about 3 hours.

Thus the review of the 10 most popular tourist attractions in Pekanbaru, Hopefully useful!

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